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  • To study and analyze basic data with respect to water requirement, consumption and storage  with due consideration to existing/future plans.
  • To design transmission line from specified water source to storage facilities.
  • Analyze water quality and determine need of water treatment.
  • If necessary design water treatment facilities depending upon water source.
  • Determine underground/overhead storage facilities.
  • Design water distribution pipelines from storage tanks to various water consumption centers and/or Hydro pneumatic system.
  • Internal Plumbing
      - Toilet layouts

      - Itchen and Dry balcony layouts.
  • Terrace layout consisting of water supply loop, downtakes etc.
  • Prepare detailed drawings for laying proposed pipelines (transmission and distribution).
  • Prepare detailed specifications for water supply components/piping.
  • Prepare bill of quantities for water supply components/piping.
  • Work out cost estimates for water supply system.